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Inspired by artists like Michael Bublé and The Jackson Five, BoomTown puts their own spin on swing standards, pop classics, and even some country and gospel favorites. 


Calling Kansas and North Carolina home, Zane Sutton (Tenor), Caleb Fouse (Lead), Aaron Walker (Baritone), and Shaun Whisler (Bass) are changing the stereotypes of barbershop harmony, and bringing their unique style to audiences all over the country.


Together since the fall of 2012, BoomTown’s time together has had no shortage of exciting moments and opportunities.  


Their first appearance on the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International competition stage came in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in July 2013. In October 2014, BoomTown was honored to be named the Central States District quartet champions, and have qualified for Internationals every year since. In 2017 in Las Vegas, they finished in 21st place and served as the mic-testers for the semifinal round. In 2018,  BoomTown competed in Orlando, Florida and was named 19th-place semifinalists. After a 28th place finish in 2019, a two-year COVID-19 shutdown of all contests, conventions, and shows, and one recorded album, BoomTown returned to the International stage in 2022 and to the Top 20, finishing 19th. 


No matter where the quartet travels, their passion and belief in music shine greatly through their performance. BoomTown is dedicated to the advancement of the barbershop style and strives to get young people interested in singing.  To connect with BoomTown and follow along on their journey, LIKE them on Facebook, and FOLLOW them on Twitter and Instagram.

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